Equipment for medical imaging in the areas of: radiology, cardiology and gynecology. Equipment for x-ray, CT and tomography.

Medical equipment for gastroenterology and therapeutic accessories. Gynecology equipment and consumables.



Physiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy.

Mechanical ventilators for assisted breathing.

Intelligent solutions for operating rooms: OR tables, surgical lamps and supply units.

Medela Breastfeeding: products to help mothers in the breastfeeding process.
Medela Suction: vacuum cleaners of different sizes and models.
Medela Phototherapy.

Instruments for laparoscopic surgery or minimally invasive surgery.



High quality defibrillators for hospital use.



Electrosurgical units: high tech electrosurgery and therapeutic accessories.



Radiation protection and radiology accessories, Illuminators​, aprons, eyewear, barriers and more.



Analog, digital and tomosynthesis mammographers.

Automatic defibrillators for hospital or outpatient use.



Monitoring and telemetry for cardiac rehabilitation.

Medical equipment for electrocardiograms and stress tests.



Therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and magnetic fields.


Medical Measuring Systems and Scales.

Equipment for hyperbaric medicine.

Software for medical image management.



Diagnostic imaging equipment for surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Equipos para hidroterapia.

Contrast medium injectors.

Post-processing medical imaging software.

Medical equipment solutions for cardiopulmonary diagnosis.

Pelvic floor exercise monitor.